Part 2: Jargon Drill

Group A:
Miles, Mitsuko, Michael, Ruby, John, Allyson, Jake

Group B:
Lazae, Caroline, Keith, Ziyun, David, Jorge, Adam

Divide into your groups.  In the next 15 minutes (approx.), your goal is to familiarize one another with as much audio jargon as possible, *as quickly as possible*.  In order to do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Each group member should take out the list of vocabulary from their original group.
  2. Take turns going around the circle.  When it is your turn, choose one term from your list.  Assume you won’t get to everything.  Pick terms you think are important to cover, and define these terms first.  *Without* identifying the term or using the word itself at all, define the term in your own words, in <= 60 seconds.  If you have time leftover, try another word.  Use a timer to stay on track.
  3. After you define the term, your group members should each write down what they think you’re describing, before collectively guessing what it is you are trying to describe.
  4. As a group, throughout this exercise, you will be making two lists, each of which you will hand in at the end of the exercise.  
  5. Label the first list ‘Okay’. Include your group letter. The first list consists of terms that were both described adequately by the group member and both understood and identified correctly by the team.
  6. Label the second list ‘Not okay’.  Include your group letter. The second list consists of terms that were either defined incorrectly or inadequately by the group member, or were incorrectly identified/not understood by team members.
  7. The goal of these two lists is to determine what concepts/terms are most confusing.  If any stand out, put an asterisk next to the term.
  8. At the end, if there is time, we’ll come back together as a group and focus in on a few terms/concepts. (We may save this for another meeting.)

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