Part 1:

  • Review reading/listening for your group – prepare a brief summary/’cliff notes’ version for classmates.
  • Who and/or what fits into your category (better than the other categories)? Share/watch/listen to examples you found for the HW, brainstorm other artists/pieces/etc. together.
  • As you explore these pieces, what themes, issues, considerations, etc. surface for artists working in this genre?  Collectively brainstorm a list of things to consider if you decide to pursue a similar project.

Found Sound

In addition to discussing all of the points listed above, consider what Minard means in discussing the physicality of musique concrete, and the process of sculpting sound.  What affordances does working with found sound (separated from its source) provide? What challenges?  Is there still a physicality to this process in the age of DAWs?

  • Caroline, Mitsuko, Miles, Jake, Adam

Found Objects

In addition to discussing all of the points listed above, consider the variety of approaches to working with found objects represented in the readings and your chosen examples (and anything else you can think of).  In contrast to the ‘found sound’ group, which is primarily dealing sounds apart from their sources, your topic brings physical objects front and center.  How do different approaches to using found objects mediate your experience as an audience member?  Compare and contrast the effect of different types of found object sculptures and performances with that of ‘acousmatic’ listening.  What about hybrid experiences? (Like the Tudor?)

  • Allyson, John, Ziyun, Ruby

Found Media

With the Goodman, you got the weirdest of all the readings.  In addition to the points above, after you’ve taken apart the reading and described what he’s getting at, I’m curious whether you found any relationship between the types of examples you provided and this reading.  If so, how so?  If not, can you think of other examples that feel more relevant?  In either case, perhaps also consider exploring your examples outside the context of this reading.

  • Lazae, Jorge, David, Michael

Part 2:

  • Begin with each person presenting an overview of their group’s topic.  Include a brief summary of the reading/listening, and share some materials found and covered by original group members.
  • Consider similarities and differences in elements/issues your groups discussed.
  • As a group, brainstorm 3 ideas for a found sound collage using a *single* sound source or object.  Then, brainstorm 3 ideas for a found sound collage using around 100 objects or sound sources.

Second Groupings:

  • Caroline, Allyson, Lazae, Adam
  • Mitsuko, John, Jorge
  • Miles, Ziyun, David
  • Jake, Michael, Ruby

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