Mon January 13, 2013

First Meeting:

  • Meet and greet/introductions
  • Discussion: sound art vs. music
  • Syllabus/course overview
    • Logistics
    • Course Description
    • Learning Objectives, Unwritten Goals
    • Assignments/Course Structure
    • Academic Honesty
    • More Logistics

What is sound art?
As a follow up to today’s discussion about the difference between sound art and music, I’d recommend checking out some of the readings below. The Neset text is part of the Soundings book published in conjunction with the MoMA sound art exhibition of the same name. It provides a brief overview of the topic, including some interesting artists to explore. The Neuhaus is a very short read. Although he is known as an important figure in sound art, in this short article Neuhaus argues against the use of term. He makes some interesting points, and it is worth a quick read. The Delehanty is an excellent overview of the field, from more of a visual arts perspective. Lots of good names to google. While I definitely recommend checking these readings out, before you get too ensconced you should look ahead to see what’s in store for Wednesday.

Recommended readings:

For next Monday, since we won’t be meeting, take a few moments to poke around some of the websites linked from the resources page. Find one work of sound art or experimental music that is new to you which you find inspiring. Post the video or other documentation to the blog with a short description of what spoke to you about this piece, why you think it’s successful, and any ways in which it could be improved.

On Wednesday, we will be diving right into our first topic and making some noise.

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