Labs and Meetings

Navigate through the “labs and meetings” listed in the drop-down menu to find instructions, tutorials, videos, inspiration, and other relevant information for our sessions. Mondays will typically be seminar-style. During these meetings we will discuss readings and watch and listen to relevant artistic examples. Labs (studio sessions) are usually scheduled on Wednesdays. Please review the information on the relevant page *BEFORE* the associated lab. (For example: for the lab scheduled on 1/15, be sure to review the materials on the associated date in the drop-down menu prior to the lab.)

Labs are typically structured in two parts:

1. A basic technical skill-building task, like building a contact microphone or a basic oscillator, etc.
2. The second part of the lab is typically using what you’ve built in a creative way.

Reviewing materials in advance (particularly materials that are not familiar to you) will allow us to get to the more creative stuff, faster.

Labs may be held in the Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry (CFA 111), in ArtFab Blue (Doherty Hall C200), in Cyert Hall, in the Recording Studio in the basement of CFA (Room A-6), or, occasionally, off-site. Please check the calendar to make sure you go to the correct location!

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