Inbody Documentation- Mitsuko

Inbody Video 





One thought on “Inbody Documentation- Mitsuko

  1. Hi Mitsuko,

    Along the lines of the more gestural direction Ali was discussing in class, take a look at:

    However, my sense was that you were more interested in the intimacy of the audience hearing your body. I know we discussed the one-on-one experience at one point, but deemed it somewhat impractical for the context…however, this might really be the best way to go if the intimacy is the most important element. I wonder what other elements you might incorporate to explore that intimacy. I’m thinking off the top of my head of David’s binaural microphones, and hearing from your perspective…you could also have the audience-of-one see from your perspective. In any case, I’m very curious about the directions you might take with this. If you develop the idea further, please consider posting here/to piazza/emailing.

    Thanks for all of your efforts and contributions to class this semester, Mitsuko. It was a pleasure to have you in class.

    All the best,

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