Artist Statement + Video Documentation + Prototype Demo

Artificial Respiratory

Artist Statetment

Artificial respiratory is a metaphor for energy being transmitted from human to the nature through breath. When energy is received, the mechanical flower would bloom and emit sounds as a reaction to human as being ‘energized’. As for the sounds, sorry human, they’re only for the greens. It may not produce sounds that are pleasant to you but they could potentially facilitate the seed germination and increase plant’s gene expression. Blow some air, or talk if you wish into the air receiver, and they will be translated into Hz massage for the plants around. Contribute to the spring!

As is claimed in a scientific report, “sound vibrations (music and noise) as well as biofields both directly affect living biologic systems” which results in “a highly statistically significant effect on the number of seeds sprouted”. Another report claim that the genes of the plants are affected at certain frequencies — “Ald mRNA expression increased significantly with treatment at 125 and 250 Hz”.

Video Documentation

Artificial Respiratory from Ziyun Peng on Vimeo.

Prototype Demo

Working flower skeleton!


One thought on “Artist Statement + Video Documentation + Prototype Demo

  1. Hi Ziyun,

    After the crit discussion today, I was thinking more about your project. Your underlying concept is quite beautiful…but the mechanical flower is perhap a distraction from the concept. Why not work directly with real plants? I’m imagining something that builds on your initial project, and also ideas like those in this work:

    Anyway, I think this could turn into something quite interesting, and want to encourage you to keep exploring this world of interaction between humans and nature. (Of course, I’m biased, because I love this stuff. 🙂 )

    It was a real pleasure to have you in class this semester, Ziyun. Best of luck in the future!


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