Synthesized Landscape – Statement – Michael Importico

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My final work, Synthesized Landscape is a multi-media installation currently on exhibit in the Miller Gallery, on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. It is a barren synthesized landscape of glass, metal light and sound. This work is both a reaction to and an exploration of synthesized nature.  As I continually become aware of our cultures desire to recreate the natural landscapes we destroyed in our quest of progress and greatness, I wonder how far the desire and ability to recreate what was destroyed will go.  I want to take a simple horizon of trees and abstract and minimalize it, systematically replacing elements of its natural identity with elements that are created from stock industrial products.  How far will this allow the minimization and abstraction of nature to go before it no longer speaks of having been derived its intention from nature.  My source materials are all of industrial descent.  The glass is a scientific rod stock produced by Corning for scientific industry. The electrical components are all common building materials.  The sound element was synthesized from white noise.  It was an important element to the work that everything be constructed/fabricated/created from very basic industrial stock.

P1010545P1010548P1010553This installation is mounted directly to the wall and is twelve feet (12’) wide.  This is an important dimension (12’) because for this work to be successful as a horizon, the work must span the peripheral vision of the viewer standing between 4’-6’ from the work.  The thirty components of glass are set into metal electrical junction boxes mounted in a line, evenly spaced across the span and at a height of fifty-five inches.  The elements are connected with wires to provide the voltage to the LEDs inside the individual elements.  The wires are installed in a pattern resembling a root structure to the horizon live of glass branch elements, all tracing back to the visible electronic components (Arduino).  Also installed in conjunction with the electronics will be a speaker system to provide the sounds.



One thought on “Synthesized Landscape – Statement – Michael Importico

  1. Hi Michael,

    I really enjoyed your work–both the conceptual framework, and the aesthetic/execution. Like Ali, I wondered about the relationship between the visual and sonic components. However, I think that if the lights were completely synced, there would be no reason to have more than one. I absolutely LOVE artists like Zimoun, and so personally, though it’s a pain to deal with technically, I’d keep all of the structures, and focus on a way of making them interact with the sound that feels natural/convincing/meaningful, but is not necessarily uniform. One thing that was particularly striking was that the lights were constantly flickering on and off, and the sound was constant. There are very few places that are *that* windy. A simple way of showing a correlation would be to have more of the lights flickering simultaneously when there is louder wind, and then let the wind die down, and the lights quiet down, so that only one or two (or even none!) are flickering.

    I enjoyed having you in class this semester, Michael. Thanks for sharing your work. Best of luck at PM!

    All the best,

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