Final Project Artist Statement_ Ruby

Artist Statement


There is this contemporary societal pressure on women’s appetite that hinders women from overly indulging in guilty foods. Whether it is the outside pressure of ideal body image or our self-conscious minds that inhibit us from adopting the diabetic eating habits, women are challenged to suppress our cravings for food. The classic beauty in the modern emulates that of emaciated physique; the slimmer and bonier the body, the more sexually attractive; the pointier the chin and slender the face, the more alluringly elegant.


I find the suppression of the desire for high calorie, high fat but heavenly foods containing erotic sensibilities. Many factors contribute to this suppression, including advertisement, consumerism, and most importantly the desire to look a certain way for physical attractions. This suppression, I argue, is very similar to sexual attention and  desire. Few pieces of art that particularly inspired my concept are Cecilie Dahl’s “Hard Candy” video, Jing Quek’s “Food Porn” photography series, and also Lauren Hillebrandt’s uncannily erotic food pictures.


This site-specific installation is a personal space- my own fridge. I have decided to chosen this site for it is a place where I access the most. It is almost an unconscious addiction to constantly open-and-close the fridge every few minutes. Food is something that I constantly crave. Yet, as a woman, I have to regulate myself from surrendering myself to those divine but extremely fattening sweets and “junk” foods. This suppression of guilty food cravings leads to more mindful attention to the desire of food.


With the combination of computer motion sensor and digitally manipulated sounds tracks of explicitly erotic food-commercials collaged with sensual female noises, the mechanical part of the installation senses the hand reaching motion as I try to grab the sweets in the refrigerator and plays the pre-composed soundtracks on the computer. The project aims to display an intimate problem that many women face in a personal context. 



——-Video Documentation of Project will be Attached Before the Final Critique——– 


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