Prototype Demo, Reflections/Revisions -Mitsuko

When Prototyping Monday and Wednesday I got some great feedback to revise my piece:

1. Compressor/Limiter- Golan listened to my sounds and gave the greatest suggestion of using a compressor/limiter. This allowed less harm on the mic, while also allowing less worrying about the intensity of my sounds on the listener. Golan lent me one of his compressors and it really helped the quality of sound. 

2. Placement of Mic– Prototyping locations of the stethoscope mic on my body, made it clear that I wanted the mic nearest the center of my neck. I liked the sounds when having the mic on my chest; however, the combination of breath and heartbeat on the center of my neck was the most satisfying. 

3. Movement Choices- Prototyping my movements allowed me to understand what movements were and were not possible. I realized I needed to stabilize the mic with tape in order for the least amount of sound disruption. I realized I needed to lower my head movements as that would move the mic potentially off of my body. 

4. Prototyping Headphone Splitter- With the help from one of my Senior Studio professors, I was able to get her powered headphone splitter that adjusted each headphone volume separately. My previous headphone splitter was unreliable and diminishing the volume of my sounds. Using my teachers headphone splitter allowed for much easier volume control. 

5. Prototyping on Site- Rehearsing my performance in the Miller Gallery allowed me to understand the volume in which I should have my sounds. It also helped me make decisions on the placement of viewers, placement of myself, and movement choices. My listeners felt very uncomfortable by my performance so we moved the pedastol a bit further away from me. They also enjoyed hearing my heartbeat at different paces so I worked on more pauses between movements. 



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