Prototype and reflections

Here’s a photo of the current stage out on the fire escape (sorry it’s a bit big and the quality isn’t great):


After leaving it out on my fire escape, and re-tuning the strings to the supposed fundamental of Ab, I still found it too quiet. I am thinking it is best to use contact mics to amplify the sounds, and I’d like to keep the speakers inside the pipe, if possible. The only thing that concerns me is making/finding preamps for the contact mics as I do not want the sound to be tinny/buzzy. I also took a recording of the sounds inside the pipe and found that it was generating something close to an E. I am not sure if my fundamental calculations are incorrect or what is going on there, but I will try to re-tune to E and see if that helps at all. I will also drill some sound holes in this weekend to see if that will help at all with volume. I also wonder if the strings themselves are too high off the pipe. Unfortunately, over time (since I made it over spring break), the pipe has bowed due to the uneven pressure of two of the strings on one side, so it will be difficult to even out the distance between the strings and the pipe.


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