Prototype demo, reflections/revisions

I am having some trouble with inspiration from my original idea.  I originally thought that I would be motivated and excited to share the details and peace that I find in the sounds of the space.  I think the sound walk we did as a class was effective in heightening our awareness and becoming part of the silence, and that – to my surprise – was more compelling than my original idea.  However, I don’t think that preparing a sound walk through CFA would be a large enough undertaking to constitute a final project.

So I decided to continue with my original idea to see if I could find more inspiration as I tried to create my sound collages.  I did enjoy creating them – they are made of a mix of sounds recorded both on- and off-site.  For example, the footsteps leading up to space #1 were recorded in a more resonant location with less background noise so that the ear would have no distraction in focusing on the footsteps.  I also used a recording of a door opening and closing from another site so that it was free of background noise and the door slam could actually lead to silence.  And the added music in space #2 was purely for humor!

So I don’t know right now if I should keep going through with my project as is (which I don’t feel is a particularly strong idea) or change it to something else.  I was thinking of creating an interactive virtual audio tour of CFA so that people off-site can explore the sounds of the building.  But I feel as though this is almost opposite of the point of ‘site-specific’…

Site 1

Site 2


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