Final Project: Technical issues/documentation

Issue 1: getting plywood

I scavenged Booth Teardown for plywood, having needed to sign a waiver, getting a wristband, and wearing a helmet. It was an interesting experience to be part of Teardown without ever having been involved with Booth. I didn’t have any friends available at that time, so getting the plywood back to DH was a very arduous process. Fortunately, and to my surprise, the woodshop’s plywood dolly was available, and I could store the plywood in front of DH. Unfortunately, all the plywood was still really heavy and unwieldy for a single person.

Issue 2: setting up/packing up

Solution: get friends

Issue 3: amplifying the contact mics

I spent two days designing and prototyping a preamp, only for me to realize that my designs were flawed due to impedance mismatch. I ended up wiring the outputs directly to my recorder.

Issue 4: bad weather

Solution: none. Thanks, Pittsburgh.

Issue 5: nobody’s walking on it

Solution: give a visible (eg sign post) prompt, written or unwritten, that will give the pedestrian some idea of what will happen when they walk on it.



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