Final Project: Prototype demo

bad weather means can’t prototype working demo so have some field recordings of pre-demo instead:

Note that the footsteps stencils were added in right before I packed up so I wasn’t able to see how effective it was.

With the sign that said “WALK ON ME,” the majority of people avoided walking on it. Some were completely oblivious to the sign. Most walked around, staring at the sign and the plywood. Some took the chance and cautiously placed a foot on the plywood, and then continue moving on after observing no difference. Some nonchalantly walked right over it, though these people seemed to consist mostly of art students.

Behavior will probably be different when I set up with the foot stencils, an accompanying slightly-descriptive sign, and actual reactions from being stepped on. This test-run was reactionless.


One thought on “Final Project: Prototype demo

  1. Hi David,

    It was fun to see this in action today. Wish I had been around for the spontaneous dance party. There are a lot of similarities here to the musical piano stretched over a staircase project, which has generally been a rather popular installation/experience. I wonder if you might have more consistent success in getting people to walk over it if you somehow used existing architectural features/structures (like the stairs, for instance), and found a way to involve the entire surface, unobtrusively. The visual cue with the stairs is nice, as well, since they make it look like a piano keyboard. Instead of footsteps, you might try something that indicates a beat — musical notes on a staff, (or something less cheesy!), for example. People then might be excited to try stepping in specific locations…which would be particularly satisfying if there were different results.

    Anyway, just a few random thoughts. Really enjoyed seeing this in action. Great job.


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