Final Project Blog Post/ Demo for 4/28- Ruby

This is the audio that I will be using in parts of other erotic food advertisement audios for the site-specific installation. 

I will be installing my computer inside the fridge; in using the camera on the laptop, the audios can be played through motion sensing. 

The audio will be played when there is a hand reaching motion (to grab the food in the refrigerator); I am hoping to make the interaction more complicated- when hands are reached at different locations (thus different foods), alternative sound files will be played. 




One thought on “Final Project Blog Post/ Demo for 4/28- Ruby

  1. Hi Ruby,

    You know, in contrast to my previous comment, after listening to this, I think your project might be more successful as a video piece, rather than as an interactive installation. You will have a lot more freedom to compose the video and sound, rather than relying on the interaction itself. Of course, I haven’t seen your most recent work, but just a thought. Shoot me an email if you want to discuss further.


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