Technical Issues/ Documentation -Mitsuko

There aren’t many technical issues with the installation part of my piece yet; however, there are some technical concerns for my performance:

1. I am worried since there will be a lot of people at the opening, the stethoscope microphone will pick up on too many voices. This may be okay, I am just worried the outside noises are going to be too loud.

2. I am not totally sure how sweat effects the stethoscope mic? I want to be careful I do not ruin the microphone. I will do some research on how sweat effects it. Abby do you know anything about this?

3. I am still working on how to move in accordance with the microphone so I don’t get too many glitches. There will be some inherently, but I am practicing with it in order to get less.

Documentation: I will have someone document the performance on opening night. However I will also re-document it after the opening to get more photos and a video of both the installation and a different version of the performance in the gallery.

One thought on “Technical Issues/ Documentation -Mitsuko

  1. Hi Mitsuko – Yes, the mic will probably pick up some external sources since it is not a contact microphone. Can you test it in a crowded space? As for sweat, don’t worry about this — the microphone itself is not in contact with your body. The main component is just a traditional stethoscope. As you move–as I’m sure you’ve figured out–you will want to be careful with not just the mic but the mic cable as well. Too much jostling of either will affect the sound. Let me know if you need assistance!


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