Technical Challenges/Issues/Documentation_Ruby

Technical Challenges/Issues/Documentation


The technical challenges and issue that I may face during the process of making this installation is mostly dealing with the sound track and documentation of the site-specific installation. Foremost, the audio part shall be pre-composed and digitally edited on sound editing programs, of which I may have issues in fluently manipulating and finding effects that I wanted for this fridge audio.

I may have challenged to set up this personal installation as an interactive piece sense putting tons of sensors on the food seems insurmountable for the short amount of time we have to create the project. Moreover, the space and objects in the fridge may effect how the sensors’ and microphones’ performance.

One solution (a slightly “cheating way” of which I may adopt) is to have the audio edited in the final documentation video. This way the sound part of the piece can be more clearly heard.

Since the documentation part will possible be the “final piece” of this sound art installation, I plan to professionally shoot the video. I will borrow HD cameras, microphones, and tripods from the School of Art lending services, and possible make a video piece that has a narrative flow to it.


3 thoughts on “Technical Challenges/Issues/Documentation_Ruby

  1. Hi Ruby,

    I’m curious to hear more about this. It sounds like perhaps the piece will be more of a video–will there still be an actual site-specific piece which you experience? Let’s talk more about a few different solutions next week.


    • Thanks, Ruby. I was thinking about your laptop solution, and while it is a simple solution, it strikes me as potentially clunky. (Unless you want the laptop to be part of the visual experience, or are able to sufficiently hide it.) Other solutions would include a micro-controller with a proximity sensor and an attached speaker and amp. If you’d like assistance let me know, and we can set up a meeting time. Jorge, Miles, and Lazae are working on somewhat related issues for their projects, as well, in case you bump into them.


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