Technical Challenges/Issues/Documentation – Adam

So as far as the technical challenges are concerned, I’m very lucky that 1. My project shouldn’t be too complicated to set up the day of and 2. The person I’m working with Kennywood is being very helpful and accommodating. They already had it set up before I even asked to have a golf cart ready to transfer all of my equipment from my car to the location and to help direct people (it’s really not far or anything, but it does make things easier). They also made sure they knew where to run an extension cord for me.


After spending about an hour yesterday in the tunnel listening, testing sounds from the prototype on my computer, and brainstorming ideas with my wife, I think I would like to change my original plan of just having two speakers at the park end of the tunnel and instead keep those speakers but also line the wall with speakers angled at about 45 degrees in the direction of the entrance. At the minimum, I will have two lining the right wall but if I could do three or four that might be better. This presents the challenge of actually finding those speakers and, more importantly, how to deal with audio that is greater than two channels. Ultimately, this will allow the listener to hear the sound changing as they walk through the tunnel which felt very important.


Originally I decided that all of the audio would be controlled and processed in Max and done live. Since this means I would need to have multiple computers running the program and wiring them to the correct speakers, it may make things easier if I premaster everything (maybe use both Max and Pro Tools) and simply play back CDs on loop the day of. At first I sort of rejected this because I thought it was somehow “cheating” but after more thought I don’t think that’s the case. This means I will just need to make sure I have CD players that are looped and are able to be connected to the speakers with the correct wiring which again isn’t too much of a concern. 


One thought on “Technical Challenges/Issues/Documentation – Adam

  1. Not cheating — there are lots of different approaches to working with sound in a site-specific context. How are you set for equipment? I’m finally back, and happy to help in any way. Please be in touch if you need any assistance!

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