Technical Challenges [Miles]

One major challenge will be getting approval to use the balcony off of the Intelligent Workspace. I visited the offices yesterday and will send an email to the director today. If this space doesn’t work out, I will have to think of another one.


Regarding the installation itself, I have several concerns. First, I want to have several channels of air traffic control communications (from this website) playing simultaneously. This means that I have to find a way to output each feed as a separate channel on a mixer to the speakers positioned on the inside of the ball. So I will need to research ways to output the feeds as separate channels, can Jack do this? I’ve been looking at speakers, and these seem like a good, affordable option.


A second concern is my performance in the ball itself. I am considering attaching the blower directly to the bubble and having it blow in a constant stream of air, so that I can stay in for a longer amount of time. I will need to test this as soon as possible.



One thought on “Technical Challenges [Miles]

  1. Hi Miles,

    I hope the clinic went well over the weekend. Do you have documentation posted anywhere? I was very sorry to miss it. I’m catching up on blog posts a bit in reverse order, though I skimmed an earlier post. It seems like you have a lot of new thoughts/directions with the bubble. I’m very curious to hear about how you will be placing all of the tech in the bubble etc. Perhaps we can meet sometime next week to discuss some of these questions/concerns in a bit more detail.


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