Artificial Respiratory – Technical Challenges/Issues/Documentation

Challenges – mechanical engineering

In the past week I worked mainly on getting the mechanical system work, although it’s still not quite working the way I wanted yet.
I transcribed the design from this video, and put the design from my sketch paper to a physical model. I had a really hard time fixing the relationship between inches and the metric system I grew up with. After several redesign, I solved the problem by embracing inches.. HA!

Another frustration was my inexperience with, again the american sizing, when I’m ordering nuts and screws online. This was another reason I wasn’t able to test out the mechanism fully, since the screws and nuts don’t even pair up! Well, good news is I learnt from the failure, and the new order is on its way. 🙂


The biggest issue I’m having right now is the motion design of the petal. Steel string (which is used in my reference video) didn’t seem like working in my case, especially when having it fall down. My plan is to test it again with the new parts — if this still wouldn’t work, I’ll need a new design for that, possibly be like this:



2 thoughts on “Artificial Respiratory – Technical Challenges/Issues/Documentation

  1. Hey Ziyun,

    Nice find with this video! I hear you with the US measurements…not really sure why we don’t get with the program and the rest of the world with the metric system. In any case, it looks like you’ve got a good start. Let me know if you want to meet up next week to discuss any of your progress. Good luck!


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