Site Specific Overview -Mitsuko

Inbody will be a live performance, audio, and video installation at the Miller Gallery at CMU. Inbody focuses on the spatial relationship between performer and audience in accordance to dance. I improvise movements responding to my bodily nuances as well as to my surroundings: the sounds, spatial elements, and any beings or objects in the space. An immersive involvement is created for the viewers, as they are able to hear my internal bodily sounds such as my breath and heartbeat while they watch me dance. This simultaneous participation of listening and seeing allows the viewers to embody my experience dancing. An intimate rapport is created as my audience undergoes my perspective.  


For my movements I am inspired by Gaga movement developed by Ohad Naharin: 

For the sound components I have looked at these pieces:  

Since my site is a gallery, there are many preconceived ideas of behavior: stand at a distance from the art, speak softly, walk slowly, etc. Therefore there is not a lot of room for exploration, as people are concerned with the “rules”. Besides the opening when there is a lot of people, the gallery is not busy. Probably only one or two people in the space at a time. My particular area of the Miller gallery is fairly spacious with very high ceilings. It is dark without windows. Since I will be both performing and showing a video, my site is somewhat split. The space will be very different when occupied by a lot of people and I am performing, as there will be a lot more noise and energy. However, when I show my video, the space will be sparse and definitely change my piece. 


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