Site Specific Work

for this project.


In my project I hope to create a self-paced sound walk that guides the participant into a more aware and detail-oriented state of listening.  Most people that walk through the College of Fine Arts building every day go through the space without taking notice to the sound events occurring around them.  I hope that by experiencing this work, people will find themselves more able to STOP AND LISTEN!  I also hope that I will find new sounds and details in the space in the process of collecting sounds and creating soundscape compositions.

One of the biggest inspirations for this project is still Drive In Music by Max Nehaus – it greatly enhances the experience of normal day-to-day travel – but is beautifully non-invasive.  I want to achieve this delicate balance in my own work.

Here are a few souvenirs from my most recent site observation:


One thought on “Site Specific Work

  1. Nice souvenirs, Allyson, thanks for posting. 1 and 3 felt kind of eery to me, actually. I wasn’t able to play the second one, unfortunately.

    One thing I don’t think we’ve talked about much, is what the compositions you are making will be like. What are your source sounds? How long are they? How do they blend with/affect the spaces in which they are played? Are you supposed to hear the sounds of the space while listening, or ignore them? What is their relationship to the pieces?

    Looking forward to chatting more about this!

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