Abstract/Conceptual Overview and Site Observation/reflection_ Ruby


Abstract/Conceptual Overview (Inspirations and Goals)


The inspirations for this final project came from the contemporary societal pressure on women’s appetite, and we hinder ourselves from overly indulging in guilty foods. I find the suppression of the desire for high calorie, high fat but heavenly foods containing erotic sensibilities. Many factors contribute to this suppression, including advertisement, consumerism, and most importantly the desire to look a certain way for physical attractions (and thus relating to sexual attraction and desire). Few pieces of art that particularly inspired my concept are Cecilie Dahl’s “Hard Candy” video, Jing Quek’s “Food Porn” photography series, and also Lauren Hillebrandt’s uncanny food pictures.


To portray this concept, I planned to make a sound installation inside a personal fridge stuffed with guilty foods. As I reach for the food, there will be erotic and pornographic sounds in layer with advertising audios digitally altered to sound disturbing playing loudly in the fridge. Considering this is a “personal installation”, the final project takes on a video format as documentation to exhibit to the class.


The goal of the project remains to display this societal issue with a sexually provocative way, making the viewers uncomfortable yet desiring of these guilty indulgence (sweets in particular) that stimulates our senses.



Site Observation/Reflection


I have decided to “site observe” in a relatively similar yet intrinsically opposite site for the second observation. Because this site-specific piece deals with the personal female spaces- kitchen (particularly a single woman’s kitchen), the second site-observation is of a men’s kitchen and the “male fridge”. Visually as I have observed, there are basically no fresh food (nor any food at all); the refrigerator is filled with drinks only, and it is relatively emptier. The male kitchen also sounds very different from my own. For the space, there is air conditioning running loudly, and also traffic sounds from the window that is always opened in “his” kitchen. Because the space is smaller than mine, the echoed sounds of myself and objects moving in the space are more acoustically charging. The light bulb buzzing and air blowing noises from the fridge are similar, yet the sound of opening the fridge door is following by the clinking noises of glass bottles and liquid sounds. The air conditioning noise from the top freezer is louder and higher in frequency.



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