Abstract/Conceptual Overview and site-observation/reflection – Adam

I visited Kennywood amusement park from every year since I can remember through the time I was 18. It was the place our for annual “school picnic”. This place holds a a great deal of nostalgia and memories for me.


There is a semi-long tunnel at the entrance to the park (after the admission gate). Whenever you pass through the tunnel at the beginning of the day you hear all of the sounds of the park coming at you. Whenever you leave the park at the end of the day, you can still hear all of the sounds of the park fading behind you. The tunnel is very reverberate I might add which creates a sort of sonic transition state from being in the real world and being in the amusement park which has a powerful psychological effect. My goal with this project is to recreate and morph this soundscape and play with this psychological effect.


I have an appointment to visit the tunnel today at 3 PM. I have already created a first draft patch in Max to play back something close to what I am trying to create just to hear how it might sound. I have built a small library of amusement park sounds and I’m having Max play back several of them at once while slightly and slowly changing the playback speed of each track in order to create a sort of surrealistic soup of familiar sound. I am anxious to experiment inside the tunnel to hear how it behaves in the space and see if it inspires any other effects, digital or otherwise.




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