Artificial Respiratory – Overview + Site visit

Title: Artificial Respiratory

An interactive sound installation that explores human behaviors’ effect on nature. The piece took artificial respiratory as a metaphoric form of human transmitting energy to the nature. People would need to blow into medical air mask so as to send their energy to the mechanical flowers. When energy is received, the mechanical flower would bloom and emit sounds as a reaction to human as being ‘energized’.

There will be up to 5 mechanical flowers, each of which has a 0.5w ( radio volume level ) speaker in place of the ‘pistil’, installed among the plants in the garden. The air mask will be placed on one corner of the number stage.


During my process of getting installation permission, I was told that it is not allowed to place anything in the Number Garden as it’s a piece of art. So I had to change my site to The Peace Garden on the side of CFA. Then I was reminded that actually  some inspiration came from this particular garden too.

I took this picture below at the Peace Garden a while ago and I named it ‘Im Still Functioning’ (the light is still on!), yesterday when I came back to visit the site, it was back standing there as a normal road lamp again. It somehow feels to me that it is a lively creature, although this is actually a ‘machine’. There’s a dialogue between human and the machine and the recycle of life which are very interesting to me — people knocked it down; it showed its state of life in different postures; people fixed it and held it back up.

still-functioningThe Peace Garden is less visually attractive than my original choice, the Number Garden which is a sad news. But the good part is that it has relatively more people passing by and take a rest which could all be the potential participators.



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