Bibliography for Site-Specific Project – Adam

Quick explanation of my site:

My site is the walk-through tunnel at the entrance to Kennywood Park, an amusement park located about 25 minutes from CMU. It is a very reverberant tunnel, but not only that, when you walk through it, there is generally a crowd of people of entering or exiting with you making a lot noise from their conversations and excitement. This, combined with all of the sounds from the park on the other side (roller coasters, etc.), creates a unique, memorable soundscape that I wish to explore (and I want to explore the natural sounds of the tunnel itself and maybe integrate natural comb filtering). The park won’t be open until later in the season but I still think I can conjure up and manipulate my nostalgic recollection of this sound world.





Some music similar to what you might here at the park:


COUNTY FAIR also from


Actual recordings from amusement parks:

My favorite, sounds like the announcer from the train ride from this park


Tunnel Sound Art:

Here is a more famous one, but it’s mostly visual it seems:



I didn’t get a chance to go to Kennywood in the last two days but I have gone there many times. Here is a photo of the tunnel from about the middle looking towards the park:





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