talking machine: six silent stories

A note on the photographs: Ideally, the images would be printed and hung in a space approximating that of a gallery. For the purpose of viewing more easily (and due to cost restraints) I have compiled them in an electronic book format.




One thought on “talking machine: six silent stories

  1. Hi Lazae,

    Now that I’ve read your artist statement, particularly this:

    The striations on the fungus made me think of the growth rings of a tree, and subsequently if the growing of these rings had generated – was perhaps
    still generating – a sound. Could this imagined sound be a form of communication that humans might become (or in some cases, already be) capable of understanding?

    I think I appreciate what you are getting at a bit more. The vitrola seems to act as an assistive technology, in this context–assisting in the translation from the natural world to our human ears. Somehow I read this quite differently, originally.

    Love the concept, and also the title and book-like presentation. This seems like the perfect extension of your original idea of the magnifying glass. I think the immersive installation you describe would be interesting as well. I’d love to see you experiment with what you shared with an audience in this context. Would they notice if you didn’t say anything? What if you said there was an installation but didn’t say what it was? What if you said what it was, but not where it was (this might be most effective)? How you frame the experience–the information you provide/withhold–will have a huge effect on the way in which people will experience the piece.


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