Jake-Silence Documentation




One thought on “Jake-Silence Documentation

  1. Hi Jake,

    Really interesting concept–I like your approach to exploring silence through employing notification sounds in silent or quiet contexts. Based on your requirements (both no speaking allowed, people experiencing the piece while focused on something else) it seems like the ideal scenario would be a moment of silence, a lecture, a meditation class, etc. However, what is really interesting about this piece, is that the response would likely be drastically different depending on context. In many scenarios, I suspect the reaction you might get is annoyance or anger, depending on the relative solemnity of the occasion. In others, it might be quite comedic. If you want a particular type of reaction, you would need to pick your context very carefully. For documentation, you would ideally make a short video showing this piece playing out in a variety of different contexts, including the sound, the initial reaction, and the reveal of you playing the sounds.


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