Silent Sound Art HW – Part 1&2&3

‘MA’ Inspired Sound Art Piece

Collins Reading

Wow & Flutter has this similar idea in playing with the ‘silent’ noises but with vinyls.

2. I AM NOT SITTING IN A ROOM | RICHARD BEARDreminds me of The Center of Silence by Jesper Norda

3. THE SOUND WAS … | AARON SIEGELThe Sound Was created imaginary sounds in my brain when listening to people describing the sounds they heard. It’s funny but it instantly reminded me of the background traffic sounds in John Cage’s talk on silence.


5 Silent Sound Art Ideas

>Communal Silence
I imagine taking video of daily life events but silencing the single sound that would make people feel weird without such as the fluid sound when pouring water into glass,  the “clicked” sound when pressing a button, etc., while all other sounds are kept.

I’d like to record the ambience sounds of spaces, and visualize them algorithmically . The drawing path and color would be influenced by the space’s GPS location, size, estimated reverberation time , frequency characteristics.

>Silent Objects/ Imagined Sounds
A visual line of story made by silent symbols in digital world – mute, -inf, rest symbol, etc.

A speech sound clip being time stretched to the extent that no one could understand what is being said. Similarly done on texts corresponding to the speech — the letter/character are horizontally stretched so that it couldn’t be recognized.

>Multimodal listening
Having two person listening to each other silently. They would be given text instructions on which part to touch and what position they should use. For example, listening to heartbeat by placing fingers on another person’s hand wrist; moving head towards the other person’s ear and having the other person’s nose near your ear as well; watching the other person’s hand gestures..


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