Homework -Mitsuko

1. My silent sound art: http://vimeo.com/91123365  

2. Collin’s Reading:

  • Richard Beard’s I Am Not Sitting In A Room reminds me of Jesper Norda’s piece titled The Center of Silence. Both pieces take the notion of a room or space to facilitate their pieces. 
  • The Rosemary Woods/Nixon Tapes reminds me of Tom Kotik’s piece titled Rational Impulse in which he created a soundproof box for two speakers to live. These speakers were playing loud music, just as Nixon was speaking. Both pieces are constructing silence influencing our experience with silenced audio. 
  • EEG Recording Of No Sounds In The Surrounding Area  by Justin Wiggin reminds me of Tony Whitehead’s label called Very Quiet Records. Both Wiggin’s piece and Whitehead’s label are recorded audio of “silent” or very quiet places. 

3.  Five Pieces:

  1. Blindness/Deafness as listening: Sleep is a time of rest, relaxation, and a time we are never consciously listening. I will therefore record myself for a whole night’s sleep and the recording of my sleep will be the piece. 
  2. Imagined Sounds: I’d like to create a silent sound sculpture of imagined sounds. I envision a net of marbles hanging from a string. Then I envision a pair of scissors almost about to cut the string; therefore, imagining the sounds of these marbles once dropped. 
  3. Space: We often watch dancers moving with their bodies facing the audience. A dancer’s back is often overlooked. I’d like to create a piece of dance in which my back is always to the audience. I want the audience to experience a new sense of silence and space as they watch only the back of my body. 
  4. Ma: When we meet people there is usually a verbal communication between the two people. I am proposing a performance in which the artist waits for the audience to come and shake their hands and does not introduce themselves. Only the handshake is the length of the communication. How are our notions of “the greeting” changed once we are no longer speaking?
  5. Touch: A contraption in which the artist’s hair is blocked off from their body; I envision something like a dog E collar but only for your hair. The artist will be sitting down wearing this contraption and then the viewers are able to come up to the hair and touch and play with as they please. I am interested in how this quiet interaction can be amplified. 

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