Homework – Jake Berntsen


(Description Below): https://soundcloud.com/draftsandthings/time-between-breaths


Nicholas Bussman and Martin Brandlmayr: “How Many People Are In This Room” offers 2 identical-looking CDs, one of which is completely blank.  The other contains music played by and unknown number of people doing ‘things you cannot hear.’

-This reminds me of John Cage’s 4’33, in which a pianist sits at a piano without touching a note while the audience listens to nothing.

Alvin Lucier Quiet Coffee: “For this project I simply inserted a pencil microphone into the pot and recorded a brief segment of the ambient sounds of my house as heard from deep inside the pot. “

– This piece reminded me of Lori Talley Bird Song: “Bird Song is a recording of a caged mechanical bird that’s lost its tweet. All that remains is the sound of the wind-up mechanism continuing to move the bird back and forth on its perch in time to the song it used to sing.”

Noah Rose: The installation uses the same Silent Sound machine and subliminal technology, together with an ambisonic playback system developed by Arup Acoustics in New York. The system uses a system of 13 loudspeakers and is programmed to replicate the acoustic properties of the concert hall in which the original performance took place.

-This reminds me of Yves Klein’s ‘Monotone-Silence’ Symphony.  This is a piece with one chord (d major), produced by an orchestra and choir.  It is followed by 20 minutes of silence.



– To further explore the idea I already began to realize, I’d like to study the concept of waiting between noises.  To do so I would have an elevator with a button that makes a noise when pushed, but no elevator ever arrives. 

Communal silence 

– This idea could be explored by putting an entire group of people inside a classroom, with a person clearly meant to be an instructor at the front.  The instructor would tell the class to sit down and wait for instructions, but never give them.


-Two people would be talking, but one would be using a language with a few made up words replacing normal ones.  Over the course of the conversation, the audience would learn the new language.

Blindness and listening/sound art

-The audience would be shown videos of a wide variety of concerts with the sound removed and asked to write down what they thought the music sounded like.

Sonic Meditations

The audience would be in a completely silent room, made completely from sound absorbing materials.  The subject would be left to hear the sounds of his or her body, focusing on them until they are as loud as any other sound.


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