5 Possible Projects – Adam

Deafness and listening/sound art

A silent video composition that is a rapid montage of sign language. No consideration given to the words, just a focus on the impression on the signing and the expressions on their faces. This can communicate sections of loud vs. soft, etc.


Silent objects/imagined sounds

A written/typed text of nonsense/gibberish that can communicate the impression of changing sound. For example, larger font could suggest louder sound; word associations could resemble the impression of timbre.


Memory AND Sonic Meditations

I imagine this as both of the above categories. A series of instructions to recall past sounds. For example, “you can hear yourself typing on your own computer, a dog is barking angrily, etc.”


Communal silence

The “listener” goes into a relatively noisy environment and turns on sound-cancelling headphones (I’ve noticed the effect more prominently in noisy environments than in quieter ones). The listener experiences this artificial silence created in spite of the environment but may also choose to listen to what remains of the sound and how it is effected, indeed it will sound like some kind of EQ filter has been applied to the sound.



A computer program that can translate sound into some kind of touch sensation. Then, videos can be watched silently while people feel the sound including the dialogue between the characters. 


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