three readings homework

Fluegge : Silent Sound Art : Akio Suzuki’s Empty Circles

“It asks for a phenomenological opening of the ears.”

Similar to Suzuki’s Hana, I imagine a silent sound art work with natural items borrowed* from a forest floor. I am specifically intending fungus and lichen colonies growing on decaying wood. These would be placed on pedestals, with magnifying glasses highlighting areas of particular interest.

For instance, when I first saw the mushrooms in the photo below, I tried to imagine what sound the fungus might make as it was growing out its rings.

With the lichen colony, to me this seemed like a miniature city, and I had the feeling that if I were small enough to enter it, I would be privileged to audibly detect the inner workings.

FungusRings2LichenColony * After the installation, the items would be returned to their home in the forest ecosystem.


Ihde : Silence and Word : example of unsaid communication

“I can turn the thing around and view its other ‘faces’ and see only a relative degree of hiddenness at any one time.”

“I begin to hear a reverberation from ancient times and from the silence of the past there begins to spring a certain life.”

“But in Heidegger’s thought Dasein becomes Da-sein the ‘being-here’ that I am.”

When I am mirror gazing, I see any different faces, usually male, often from the past. There have been specific instances when the mouths of the shifting faces have moved as though speaking, attempting to communicate something to me. The effect is that of watching a television on mute.

A few nights ago with the aid of trance music performed live, I had an interesting experience where I was able to get silent answers to questions about the universe by going inside myself. Later that night while alone, I attempted mirror gazing and quite literally saw my third eye attempting to emerge from my forehead.

Perhaps when my third eye is firmly in position – when I am able to truly ‘be here’ in the present – I will ‘hear’ the “unsaid communication” of the tribe of faces from the past.


Christine Sun Kim : imagine a sound art work

I do not have a specific work in mind, but I am inspired by indigenous myths and legends, often interpreted thru masked dancing.

I am also inspired by the facial expressions and extended movements of butoh dancing. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to take a master class with Sankai Juku. A link to a short video from one of their works is below…

Sankai Juku – KAGEMI




One thought on “three readings homework

  1. The magnifying glass in your first idea makes me think both of part of Bachelard’s chapter on miniature’s — I don’t believe it’s the part we read, but he talks about the experience and idea of looking through the magnifying glass — and also of Zimoun’s incredibly satisfying (though not silent) piece:

    Also, Butoh dancing is both awesome and insanely intense.

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