Three Articles by Popular Demand – Michael Importico

Michael Importico
Three Articles by Popular Demand
1: Silent Sound Art: Performing the Unheard

I: Floating in a cloud: focus on moving weightlessly above the Earth. You cannot see the ground. You have no fear. You are in the cloud and the cloud in in you. Focus on the cloud outside of you. Now listen to the cloud within.

II: Disturbance: There is turbulence in the cloud. The wind is moving you in very unpredictable ways – up – down very rapidly. Fear drives the cloud within you out of you. The fear is now very real – you only hear you own pulse.

III: Fear gives way to Panic: Fear rises rapidly – as rapidly as you fall. Fear turns into terror. You hear nothing, not even you breath or pulse. The cloud is a distant memory washed away with waves of panic. Falling rapidly.

IV: Near Death: All hope is gone- the silence of panic is deafening. The opposite of silence is almost silence, but slightly qualitatively different. It sounds similar, but feels very different. You cannot block it out. It consumes you and all that you were.

2: Silence and Word – “Unsaid Communication”

The context of the unsaid can be more powerful than the said. The gaps in data often are more telling than the data itself. I am again drawn back to a comedy bit done on Seinfeld where the words yada-yada-yada are used to gloss over key elements of a story. But as the crew soon discovers, the best bits of any story are left unsaid and masked by the “yada-yada-yada”. This I believe to be an example of the unsaid that is not silence. It is what could be said.

3: Christine Sun Kim
Silent Communication

Quentin Tarantino on Conan O’Brian
I remember watching this segment years ago at a very loud bar with the sound turned off. To this day, I have never listened to this interview; yet it remains one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I never expected to be riveted to the TV like I was, nor did I ever expect the comedy to hold up after all this time. I am amazed how comedy can be embedded into gesture. I fear if I ever listen to it, it will loose its magic.


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