Silence Postings-Jake

1)  After reading about Akio Suzuki’s Empty Circles, I can imagine a similar piece that works by providing specific directions to the audience.  I like the idea of the piece communicating to the audience where to listen, and exactly how to position their body in that space.  However, I think that it would be perhaps more interesting to have the position change with time; for example, a projector could be displaying footsteps on the floor that the audience is meant to follow, but then have the footsteps move around the space.  Though this is perhaps more similar to a sound walk, I think that if all the sounds in the space are purposefully composed, this is a similar listening exercise to Suzuki’s.

2)  A type of unsaid communication that I personally have run into before would be the information gleaned from visual art when context is fully understood.  I have little to no background in art history, and no artistic skills of my own to help me better understand what I’m looking at when I’m looking at the art in the Carnegie Museum.  Though I love to go anyways, I can tell that if I better understood the context of the pieces I was looking at, I would be able to appreciate them in a much more comprehensive fashion.  

 I think that a sound art piece that would address this quote in an interesting way would be one that made the audience very aware of what they don’t know.  In other words, some kind of piece that nobody could fully understand, but everyone knew was somehow comprehensible if only they had additional information.  To accomplish this I would simply have a man lecturing a group of people, talking about all of the ludicrous things that will happen when event x occurs, without ever explaining what event x is.  For example, “As we all know, after this occurs we can be sure that nothing will ever sound the same again.  However, considering the inevitable smells that will arise, it’s safe to say that the residents of Australia will likely start the process first.”  Nobody will ever really know what he’s talking about, but they will know that if they just knew what event x was, it might all make sense.

3)  I plan on recording myself playing on my keyboard after muting the speakers.  I assume that I will still be able to play relatively well, though not as tastefully as normally because I won’t be able to adjust my sound based on what I hear.  I think that reading music will be harder, but probably playing a memorized piece won’t be much different.

I found that my dynamics were all over the place when I lost my sense of feedback.  All of my attempts at playing fast were much messier than normal, and the wrong notes I played were played shamelessly because I never realized when a dissonance occured.   I sounded much worse than I originally anticipated. 

I would like to see a sound art piece that shows a college professor attempting to teach a course without using any words, instead just playing a very long and intense game of charades with his/her students.  The teacher would be allowed to point at pictures, play videos (so long as they have no sound), and engage any other teaching method that might be helpful in a normal learning scenario, with the exception of making noise.  While this would likely create a funny sound art piece, it would also be interesting to track the success of the students and see whether or not anything is actually learned.


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