3 Articles

1.Silent Sound Art
Suzuki’s Empty Circle asked for people’s attentiveness and shared his listening experience in space with people. The ear icon on the ground reminded me of a scene in ancient time where soldiers estimated the distance of the enemy by listening to the ground for sound travels faster in solids. What you hear doesn’t necessarily translate into what you see synchronously.

Listening Surface would be my version of the sound work. I would like to invite people to listen to selected surfaces — wall, table, mailbox, etc. — in a city where they might experience different resonance, sounds that don’t match the visual or hidden movements behind the wall. An ear shape object with small amplifier built in would extend and attached to those surfaces.

2.Silence and Communication
“In everything said there is the latent horizon of the unsaid which situates the said.”
One example is to say love without speaking the word of love.In Asian culture, “love” is an unsaid word, people wouldn’t say it explicitly but rather hide it in seemingly unrelated words or actions. Although young people including me say “love” more frequently, I still feel the implicitly hopelessly beautiful and romantic.

Natsume Soseki once told his students that the proper way to translate “I love you” is “Tsuki ga tottemo aoi naa” (The moon is so blue tonight); 

This is not strictly body language but I’m imagining tracing facial wrinkles movements while people undergoing emotional changes. I would have a performer to read prepared sentences with emotional cues like bored, excited, sad and he/she should read them out, at the same time perform the emotions on his/her face. The performance would be recorded in a mugshot style. The final form of the work would be a silent video that only has the facial wrinkles traced from the footage, with the text he/she is reading semi-hidden beneath the screen.


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