3 Articles -Mitsuko

1. I chose Akio Suzuki’s Hana, in which he put a vase of fresh flowers in the center of a gallery and changes the flowers everyday. As stated in the article, this piece makes the viewer reconsider their perceptual and conceptual ideas of this still life. I would create a sound piece similarly, with a pair of my flamenco shoes. As a practicing flamenco dancer, flamenco is filled with sound and rhythm. It would be interesting to see how the physical elements of flamenco dance/music could be translated into a still life sculpture. The elements might be a fan, pile of nails, and/or the sole of a shoe. It would be curious to see how these objects could be sonically interpreted. 

2. One example of unsaid communication is the pronunciation of my name, and I’m sure many other names. The unsaid knowledge of my name is in Japanese language the usual “i” of English is an “e” sound. The “tsu” in my name is almost silent. It should be pronounced: http://hearnames.com/pronunciations/search/mitsuko.html

The unsaid communication is to know how to pronounce my name, which is to understand Japanese. When Japanese people then  pronounce my name, there is an instant shock and excitement. They are shocked by my appearance; but also, excited about our potential commonality. When Americans hear my name, they are usually just confused by its unfamiliarity. This unsaid communication I’m sure stands true for many racially mixed people. 
3. I imagine a video piece similar visually to my found sound collage, in which I have five or so videos all playing at once on one screen. In each video there is a different close up of my body moving, portraying a message. Each video speaks in combination to one another, as a visual poem. I am interested in how small gestures can translate larger messages. Here is an example of an image I am interested in:hands


One thought on “3 Articles -Mitsuko

  1. Love your ideas, Mitsuko, as well as the choice of your name for exercise 2. Really perfectly gets to the heart of Ihde’s article.

    The choice of flamenco shoes for the first piece creates a really strong sonic image.

    I’d be very interested to see the visual poem you describe. It seems like it would be worth exploring the world of sign language and body language more in preparation for the piece. I wonder if in taking away all sound in this context you could communicate more effectively through gesture alone.

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