SoundCloud CrowdSound – sound collage

Input a SoundCloud track and listen to the commentary or noise of the crowd on top of the music. Works best with tracks with between 100 and 1000 comments, and EDM tracks with gratuitous bass drops. Any less and it’s too sparse, and any more and your computer may struggle. I’ve only tested it in Chrome on my desktop computer.


Let me know if something doesn’t seem to work correctly.

3k comments over 6 minutes: Porter Robinson – Language
1k comments over 1 minute (16 comments per second!): Epic Mashleg

Skrillex’s tracks have too many comments for it to be loaded ):


One thought on “SoundCloud CrowdSound – sound collage

  1. • This is a great concept and the default choice is a terrific example to start with. I fell the computerized voice reading the comments fits perfectly to this particular song.
    • The really nice thing is that SoundCloud comments are already placed by time, therefore many of the comments come at key moments of a song- big bass and hooks garner many comments, so this add interest.


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