Sound Collage – Think Breath

Think Breath

In this collage work, I’m trying to deliver a guided meditation that would evoke people’s attention to their everyday breathing. The preparation phase would introduce the listeners into the world of breaths by presenting breath types and trying to form a language with breath, and then move on to a vocal guided meditation.

Sound components

  • Breathing sound
  • Muyu sound – “In Buddhism, it is struck during chants of Buddha’s name” – also to add in a rhythmic element
  • Synth – mimic breathing; low drone to broaden the frequency range

I’m using breaths here not just as a sound source but also a control element which have the sound textures change along with the breath such as the pitch of the synth breath and the overall effect depth.


3 thoughts on “Sound Collage – Think Breath

  1. Hi Zi,

    Similar to my experience attempting to listen to Allyson’s piece, this seems like it is playing, but I cannot hear anything. And then it stops at 22 seconds. I am not sure if this is an issue with my computer, but I am able to listen to both Miles’ and Adam’s pieces without a problem.


  2. Ziyun

    • Think Breath

    • Part I
    • The increasing pace of the breathing is causing anxiety; this is punctuated by the vocalizations and the ominous rising tone.

    • Part II

    • Part two is slower and more meditative. The delay and repetition of the vocal instructions is at one moment very soothing, yet held in juxtaposition to rapid, almost gasping breaths. I feel the contrast of the instructions to the breathing accentuates my attention to the breathing because I feel it is out of place.

    • This work is in my opinion highly successful because it delivered what the title promised; I did think about my own breathing as well as what was heard in the collage.


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