Readings and chosen site

Journal of Sound Studies – Shopping Mall Installation

It filled my curiosity of the complete design process of the sound installation, from theory to realization. It introduced the theoretical concepts it based on like acousmatics – sounds can’t be sourced by visual means and metabolic system – a sound environment that’s stable overtime; commonly found in places with long reverberation like terminals, shopping malls. It was very interesting to see how they transferred these theoretical concepts into real world by the choice of speaker, sound design (cutting,masking, etc), collaboration with people outside the “sound” discipline, in order to serve the functional purpose of the sound installation – to create a meeting point in the shopping mall. However, I wonder how much the people’s behaviour would be influenced if the seats weren’t present? 🙂

Brandon Labelle discussed Max Neuhaus

The interaction with the audience in the works of Max Neuhaus’s are to me the most interesting part. His works like Drive In and Public Supply I invited the audience to be the contributors of the work, while the shopping mall installation discussed the other article had the audience just as listeners. The listening discussion about sound installation moves “time of music” to “space of sound” is very interesting to me. The temporalized space is reflected in the durational movement of sounds — the envelopes of reverberation, resonance, spatial presence, etc. It also mentioned about Matta-Clark’s cut outs, although not a sound installation, inspired me intervening with the space rather than just use it as it is.

My chosen site is the stairways in CFA. I want to spatialize sounds over time as the counterpart to temporalizing space. A very rough idea is to have the sounds being carried up and down along the stairs, spitting out stories.

something like this but much simpler in form:

Astragale Zénon l’arpenteur from Arno Fabre on Vimeo.


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