Where to install my forthcoming instrument has been the biggest question in my mind for the past couple of weeks, and although readings did help, they didn’t change the way I think about my decision.

Considering the background of the instrument I’m building – playing ordinary wine glasses are a thing of the past. It changes from continent to continent. While in England, more wine glasses were played in concert halls, in Italy street performers took the instrument further, cased the glasses, and it is still being played on the street. This has been bothering me a lot as I haven’t really started designing the new instrument with the venue/audience in mind. However after the readings, I’ve concluded that it is actually a hybrid instrument. It’s acoustic and electronic. Without the motors, servos and the pumps it’s impossible to get a sound. So I feel like the instrument doesn’t belong in a classical music “concert hall”. It’s too new for such venue. But at the same time – it’s a complete redesign of an already existing instrument being played in concert halls even nowadays. So it also belongs to concert halls as well. What I’ve decided is a venue that’s a hybrid of both. Not a new venue, but also a venue that’s technically well equipped to handle hybrid instruments. After searching for the best potential places in Pittsburgh, I’ve decided that Kresge hall is probably the best candidate. Not because it’s right next door and accessible – but because it’s been a home for noise musicians, electronic musicians, classical musicians, and experimental robotic musicians in the past as well. After checking out the previous performances’ videos from last year’s noise festival (videos listed below) I think Kresge Hall would be the best place to showcase the instrument. I think CMU is perhaps the best place for such concert as it’s a technical school with amazing musicians in it. I feel that with enough word-of-mouth and posters, better engagement is easily achievable.


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