Site Specific Installation Reflection (Caroline)

Why have you chosen this site?


My collaborator and I chose to do our installation in the Brew House Space in South Side because it was big enough for the installation we had in mind and because they let us. Given that, it worked out well because we are excited about the Brew House project space as a site for our installation. Through its scale and somewhat industrial ambiance, It provides a contrast to the domestic space that we are representing through our installation. The space will stand out, but it has so many layered histories that it becomes neutral. The layered histories are clear by its floor, which is painted tiled, concrete in a wide assortment of patches. 


How will the content of your work engage the location you have chosen?


The installation is in constant dialogue with the outer space that houses it. Visually the installation draws attention to the outer walls and the details of the floor. It also contrasts the space by clearly representing another space, which shoots diagonally across the space not follow the buildings pre-existing axises. 


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