A Tunnel in Space-Time . . . (Adam)

“. . . temporalizing of space can be heard as an architectural performance, for auditory events conversant with space utilize it as an instrument. Space is a potential awaiting activation through durational insertion . . .”

This statement from the Brandon LaBelle reading really stuck out to me in out well it articulates the idea of space being not just an intermediary for the performance of sound, but actually having an active and integral role in its realization. This idea is going to be important for my site-specific project because I am going to use the way sound interacts with the space as part of the performance.

For this project, I am choosing the tunnel at the entrance to Kennywood Park as my site, primarily for the intensity of its reverberation due to its long length which will contribute a very specific sonic effect in the sound. I am also choosing it because of the fact that it will hopefully create the effect of the sound “wrapping around you” from all directions; indeed, I will probably make the sound content very loud. Finally, I believe this site will give me a unique opportunity to connect the sonic content with the associations of the location itself. My project will use elements of musique concrete and the starting point and main motif of the found-sound content will be that of crowds of people at an amusement park and the sounds of amusement park rides (which, of course, is what you normally would hear in the tunnel if you came during the season).  I will use these sounds as a starting point, and allow the computer to subtly change the EQ and amplify the frequency content of these recordings at or near the resonant frequency or frequencies of the tunnel to create new resonating tones that cut through the normal sounds and envelop the listeners. I will also be placing speakers in multiple places along the tunnel in search of natural comb filtering effect. The each speaker will placed at a different distance from the next and their angle will be slightly different as well which means the constructive and destructive effects will be unique depending on where the listener is standing. Hopefully the presence of an audience will cause this effect to be even more indeterminate. If the listener decides to speak to their friend or make any other sound, their sound will naturally be reverberated in the tunnel along with everything else which I hope will add to the sensation of being inside the sound experience.




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