Found Sound Final Proposal -Mitsuko

Live Loop

By: Mitsuko Verdery

Live Loop is an interactive performance combining sound and dance. Live Loop uses the bodily sounds of the participants on a loop to then create movements in my body. The participant will come to a microphone one by one, creating a sound. There will be instructions on a stand telling the viewer to “create a bodily sound into the microphone”. However, they will not know that their sound will be looped. People will obviously catch on to the act, and I am interested in allowing the viewers to become the composers and musicians in my piece. They are able to feed off of one another with their sounds, while somewhat conducting my motions. Whatever sounds are created, I embody that sound with my repetitive motion.

I would like Live Loop to be in a quiet open public space, and the sounds will be coming through speakers. I want the sounds to loop and overlap one another. My movements will do the same. Therefore my first movements will become unclear as I keep dancing. There will be a limit of 8 sounds, as I do not want the sound composition to get too chaotic. My goal is for the participants to create a musical composition; rather than the amalgamation of sounds.

To coordinate these sounds, I will have someone as the “looper”, who will loop the participants’ sounds. Eight sounds will be the limit and the sounds will each last for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes are over, the first sound will disappear and there will be an open spot for a new sound. The length of the whole piece will be 15 minutes, no matter how many participants I receive.

Inspirations for this piece were various performative works such as Accumulation by Trisha Brown is conceptually very influential, in which Brown’s movements accumulate over time. The dance sequence gets more complicated; but also, more fluid over time.

In Marina Abramovic’s Rhythm 0 Abramovic put various items on a table and allowed the viewers to use these items to manipulate her as another object. She had things such as a bullet, gun, knife etc. giving all of herself to the viewers. This is obviously a very extreme approach to the idea of the viewers’ control; but definitely an influence.

For the sound component, an inspirational piece is Golan Levin’s Scrapple, in which he lets the viewers become the musical composers for his interactive audiovisual installation. This piece is taking a very different approach, using objects, and audio visualizations; however, the uses of live looping and the concept of viewers as conductor are two key components that have inspired my piece.

A key factor to Live Loop’s formation will be the listeners backgrounds. If they are musical and outgoing, they might create rhythmic sounds that relate to one another. But if they aren’t and shyer, they might just create a random noise unrelated to the last person. I am interested in how each performance of this piece will be different and how it may unfold according to whom my audience is. I plan on performing this piece multiple times to see what difference in compositions created. I will video record each performance. The documentation of the performances may be the existing form of the piece. However, Live Loop may also only live as a performance piece.

One thought on “Found Sound Final Proposal -Mitsuko

  1. Hi Mitsuko,

    I’m very curious to see how things have been working out for you with this piece so far. I mentioned a couple of technical issues over email you’ll want to look into, but on a more basic point: what exactly is the relationship of the sounds to your body movements? Does each sound object have an improvised, spur-of-the-moment movement that is then attached to that sound any time it is repeated? Is there a rule for the correlation of specific types or categories of sounds and specific types of movements? If either of these, it seems like the performance becomes kind of a test for you, to see how well you can keep up with the looper. If you take this route, the challenge and potential for failure makes me think of this piece which came up recently in class:


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