Found Sound Collage Final Proposal -Ruby

For my found sound collage, I wish to make an audio collage piece describing a scene of a woman’s guilty indulgence of junk food in a closed space.

I was recently introduced to the paintings of Lee Price:

His paintings depict realistic scenes of women consuming sweets in private and intimate spaces like the bedroom or bathtubs. I am inspired by the concept of the feminine indulgence in sweets and the embedded societal and psychological pressure in binge consuming. The types of sounds I want to use include the recordings I made with candies, found sound clips of junk food (wrappers rustling, chocolate breaking, ice cream melting, coffee stirring, etc.). There will also be human eating noises from female vocals, preferably erotic eating sounds. I also want to incorporate sounds like bathtub water noise to suggest a sense of intimate space.

Other inspirations included:

Artist, Will Cotton:

I am inspired by the candy landscapes he created in his super realistic paintings. Moreover, he often puts in a giant woman portrait in the middle of the scene. In one of his piece in which he built a root beer fountain diorama for the painting, the artist describes that when the motor of turned on when he paints, the waterfall sound from the root beer created an interesting environment when he paints.

Mary Ellen Johnson is inspiring in that she is a woman painter who does realistic food paintings. She states that: food is a universal experience. I am particularly intrigued by few of her paintings that have compositional suggestions of body parts or erotic connotations.


Structure of Piece:

The audio collage will be arranged in an order that is more narrative, describing an approximately 5 to 7 minutes of a woman character indulging several different food. Moreover, I want to alter the sounds with editing programs, creating a sense of rhythm and progression in intensity of indulgence as the piece goes on.

I expect the people to listen to the piece as like a voyeur experience of eavesdropping to something very personal and somewhat erotic. The audio file shall be access through something personal like home headphones, and only one person can listen to it at one time. This will directly relate to the intimate experience I want to create for the audience. 


One thought on “Found Sound Collage Final Proposal -Ruby

  1. Hi Ruby,

    I love the idea of listening to eating/indulgence as a sort of voyeuristic experience for the listener. I was able to listen to your first collage (the link you posted didn’t work, but Michael posted a working link). I wanted to follow up with a few additional thoughts after listening to this collage, and reading your updated proposal:

    1. If it is important to you that people understand the sound source, you will have to tell them or give them explicit cues. It’s often harder than you would expect to tell what something is just by listening. Although you captured some interesting sounds in the recording session, I wouldn’t have known the piece had anything to do with candy without the title! Cues can be anything from the title/notes, other aural cues that provide context–something in advance like buying the candy at a candy store, or something in the moment like vocalizations etc. Alternatively, like in your last piece, you could provide a visual cue. You could have a series of photos, and have each associated with a specific sound collage.

    2. One thing I noticed about the sound collage you made is that it was entirely monophonic — there was one thing happening at any given moment…and since the sound source wasn’t obvious it didn’t feel like there was a particular narrative. I’d consider ways in which you can fill out the collage to really set the scene. Though the food is the primary focus, if we are really listening in on a scene, and not listening to an abstract piece of music, then there are going to be a lot of other sounds in the background that add to the scene in a subtle, but important manner. For example: what room is the eater in? What else is in the room besides the person? Is there a window? Is there a refrigerator? Is she in an apartment with thin walls? All of these things would provide additional sound sources that can make the scene more realistic.

    Even in Lee Price’s work, where the picture is focused in on the woman, there is still a context: a bathtub, or linens on a bed. Visual cues work rather differently than sonic cues, so it’s something to keep in mind as you experiment with your sounds.

    3. In addition to choosing the sounds and arranging them on the timeline, you’ll want to think about the mix (balancing levels, etc) and the way you treat space (panning, etc.). Even subtle edits can have a strong impact on the listening experience. Let me know if you need any help.

    Good luck!

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