Sound Proposal Update -Mitsuko

Looping Sounds/Dance

I would like to use human body sounds, most likely created by the mouth; but also any part of the body that my viewer would like to use. I want this piece to be a call and response performance in which the viewers are able to make sounds into a microphone, the sounds will then be looped and I will dance one repetitive motion to their sounds. Whatever sounds are created, I embody that sound with my repetitive motion.

There will be instructions on a stand next to the microphone telling the viewer to “create a bodily sound into the microphone”. However, they will not know that their sound will be looped. I am assuming people will catch on to the act, and then I am interested in allowing the viewers to become the composers and musicians in my piece. They are able to feed off of one another with their sounds, while also somewhat conducting my motions. I want the piece to unfold as an overlapping musical composition of the viewers. I want the listeners to listen with my body; therefore, comprehending the sounds with my movements. They will therefore use semantic and causal listening.

I would like this piece to be in an open room, maybe even a stage, and the sounds will be coming through speakers. I think the listeners backgrounds will play an interesting role in my piece. If they are musical and outgoing, they might create rhythmic sounds that relate to one another. But if they aren’t and more shy, they might just create a random noise unrelated to the last person. I am interested in how each performance of this piece will be different and how it may unfold according to whom my audience is. I plan on performing this piece multiple times to see what kind of compositions are created.

I am not sure yet the role of the looper. I am not sure if I want the looper to orchestrate when the listeners can create their sounds, or if they let each person make a sound as they please. This would change the piece greatly in terms of how long I repeat the movements.


One thought on “Sound Proposal Update -Mitsuko

  1. Hi Mitsuko,

    This is a brave idea, in that you are leaving the nature of the piece–both sounds and structure, to an extent–up to the audience. It would be worth testing out a number of iterations of this project, before the final performance. This could help you to determine if you want to provide additional instructions, how you want to deal with moments of silence, what to do about ambient noise, and a host of other issues that you will only experience in the actual moments of performance. Try in different contexts: different locations, with different audiences, instructions, and approaches to looping. The other thing to consider is how this piece might change over time. Does it *always* function in only one way? Or are other processes/structures that begin to gradually evolve over time? Do you throw out all of the sounds after they loop for a little while, or do you cycle back and use some of them later on? Lots of possibilities here, and I think given the live nature of the work, to get an effective performance, you’ll want to start trying things out ASAP.

    Love the concept — think it could be a very engaging piece! I think considering some of these elements in more detail and trying them out will be particularly helpful.


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