Milan Knizak- Broken Music Composition 1979 (Mitsuko)

As I listened to Knizak’s Broken Music Composition I was trying to listen as reduced listening; however, I already knew the sound source, so it was difficult to rid myself of a record being scratched and broken. I liked the rhythmic patterns that the broken records were creating. It was interesting because the transitions between the music segments weren’t sharp as if changing a radio station; but somewhat elongated through the rough, low pitched, full sounds of the mishaps in the records. The transitions were still very short, but got longer over time which created an interesting semantic listening of wanting to understand what was happening to the music. I felt these sounds were dying as the music segments got shorter and the transitions got longer. I liked how as the piece went on the music and the scratching became more in unison. There was less distinction between music and scratching; and more of an intertwining of sounds. 



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