Milan Knizak – “Broken Music Composition” – Adam

This is Milan Knizak – “Broken Music Composition” from 1979 which was part of a series called “Destroyed Music”

This piece was created by manipulating the the playback of a record by physically damaging the records and needles themselves. He would scratch them, put holes in them, burn them, and whatever else he could think of to get strange sounds to come from them. When I listen, I hear a constant tug-of-war between the real recorded sounds of the record and abrasive noise but every once and a while there is an interesting and beautiful sound that comes comes out of this chaos, even if just for a moment (for example 1:58 and 2:43 and also the last few seconds). I find it interesting how detached and alien the real recorded sounds feel whereas the scratching artificial sounds feel like the more important information.



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