Found Sound Collage Proposal Draft Update- Ruby


For my found sound collage, I wish to make an audio collage piece describing a scene of guilty indulging of junk food.

I was recently introduced to the paintings of Lee Price:
His paintings depicts realistic scenes of women consuming sweets in private and intimate spaces like the bedroom or bathtubs. I am inspired by the concept of the feminine indulgence in sweets and the embedded societal and psychological pressure in binge consuming. The types of sounds I want to use include the recordings I made with candies, found sound clips of junk food (wrappers rustling, chocolate breaking, ice cream melting, coffee stirring, etc.). There will also be human eating noises from female vocals, preferably erotic eating sounds. I also want to incorporate sounds like bathtub water noise to suggest a sense of intimate space.

            The audio collage will be arranged in an order that is more narrative, describing an approximately 5 to 7 minutes of a woman character indulging several different food. Moreover, I want to alter the sounds with editing programs, creating a sense of rhythm and progression in intensity of indulgence as the piece goes on.

            I expect the people to listen to the piece as like a voyeur experience of eavesdropping to something very personal and somewhat erotic. The audio file shall be access through something personal like home headphones, and only one person can listen to it at one time. This will directly relate to the intimate experience I want to create for the audience.

 -Ruby W.


One thought on “Found Sound Collage Proposal Draft Update- Ruby

  1. Hi Ruby,

    Lots of interesting stuff here. I’m curious in particular about the emotions/experiential quality of what you want to convey. For example: how does guilt sound? What sonic cues will create a sense of voyeurism for the listener? I’m curious about the balance between the narrative (objective) element and the more subjective experience of emotions. The former seems to call for sounds which are easily recognizable, structured in an organized timeline of unfolding events. The other seems to call for the sounds and the time to be processed into a more surreal experience. Very curious to see where you go from here!

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