Jonathan Borofsky’s works

In the article Cut and Paste: Collage and the Art of Sound by Kevin Concannon, few of sculptor/installation artist Jonathan Borofsky’s works are mentioned for their use of sounds.It is interesting to find that he incorporates audio to his pieces, for he is the artist who did the Walk to the Sky installation on our Carnegie Mellon campus. 

The few works mentioned in the article are: 

Hammering Man: 

This is the work that said to inspired him with its motor sounds. The article mentioned that he soon started to collaborate with painter and filmmaker Ed Tomney to create multi-media installations with sound as an element. 

Collaboration of him and Tomney: 

More recent exhibition that concerns sound:

I could not find examples online of the “carnival-like atmosphere” of his exhibitions stated by Concannon. For me, his audio pieces serve more like instrumental or melodic explorations of the human sounds, relating to everyday life and the human activities that exist as the core concept of his art installations and sculptors. 


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