Sound Collage

Here is my sound collage!  I played with lots of objects in the recording studio, but the following collage is made from only a coffee cup and a butter knife and edited on REAPER.


2 thoughts on “Sound Collage

  1. I really enjoyed this, Allyson. Brava! Layering percussive elements on one another always makes for a fun piece and achieves that really nice crescendo effect. I realize you were only trying to use two objects interacting with each other, but I think a greater range of frequencies would have benefited the work. (Metal on small ceramic/glass often produces only high frequencies anyway, given the size of the objects.)

    I also wonder if the tempo could pick up as you layer more parts in, or some parts could be at a faster speed when they enter? It could make for a fun texture.

    Either way, great stuff!

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